To the food manufacturing business bidder and  distribution business bidder Suggestions of total solution of food development

Research development through physical perspective

The image clearly the big picture,The experimental set route,The experiments with logical approach,Feedback and discussion on the results,Setting of appropriate parameters

FGA is a research-development type of corporation that thinks out of the box through physical perspective. Our motto for R&D is think every phenomenon through physics.
Analyzing food processing phenomenon through physics leads to better and clearer understanding.

Collaboration with clients

FGA’s R&D team owns testing data for various purposes that are combined with researcher’s ideas and excitement toward new development.

Backing up clients as a food additive industry’s leading company using
mass variety of data and our experienced researchers' creative skills.

Diversification of food products and other factors complicate recent food developments. FGA solves those specific issues quickly. We are capable to shorten the development for new products.

We don’t only propose the adjustments of flavour, color or food texture, but also advise the market’s trend and even counting in your manufacturing environments for product proposition. Our individual researcher will totally support until your new product’s completion. We have achieved many new products’ detailed designing in past through collaboration with our clients.

Business expansion that contributes to stabilization for food distribution

Moreover through physical theorizing, we are aiming for new food technology development.
Expending our business in order to stabilize food distribution and create future food processing technology.