Research and Development

Gelling agent

Key factors for confectionary development

Concept and design
  • Marketing
  • Clarify product designing
  • Design, taste, texture, flavour
  • New technology
Design food texture
  • Design gelling agent
  • Type of ingredients
  • Recipe for ingredients
Design taste and flavour
  • Design flavour
  • Sweetness, sourness, deliciousness
  • Type of ingredients
  • Recipe for ingredients
Concept and design
Type of food ingredients used for food product & effect of ingredients’ bacteria to total recipe and how to control that. Researching food process, distribution, anti-aging, anti-discoloring.

Key factors for gelling agent development

Outstanding food texture
Elasticity, crumbliness, melting, smoothness, flavour.
Used ingredients and their effects
Design counting the flavour strength and masking.
Manufacturing line
Design with appropriate meling, heat resistance, pH stability, viscosity, gelling temperature.
Design counting the anti-dripping, effect on food texture and appearance.
Inhibiting microbe count through sterilization
Ingredients, water activity effects the microbe growth.

Research facility

Retort sterilization machineUsing retort sterilization enable to accumulate actual data.

RheometerMeasuring gell strength and elasticity.

Filling machineTest the viscosity before the line testing.


Roles of flavours

Adding flavour to ingredients that has no flavour.
empowering the strength of ingredients’ flavour.
Hiding the unwanted flavour of ingredients.

Flavour types

Essence Water soluble Freeze resistant
Enables natural flavour. High flavour strength.
Flavour Water soluble Oil soluble
It can be used for wide variety.
Oil Oil soluble Heat resistant
Best used for baked cakes and other confectionaries.
Emulsified flavour Water soluble Heat resistant
Emulsified ingredients keep the flavour strength for extended period.
Oreoregin extract Water soluble Oil soluble
Highly concentrated extract enables the richest flavours.
Flavour powder Heat resistant
Best used for mixing powder, tablet, powder beverage that contains no liquid.
Cloudy base
Gives cloudiness to beverage.
Seasonings Heat resistant
Best used for snacks and side dishes.

Research facility

Electron scale and flavoursUsing the data and know-how to develop custom made flavours.

Gas chromatography / GC-MSAnalyze the flavour ingredients for development and quality management.

High speed chromatographyAnalyze unknown ingredients for further development.

Microbial Growth Inhibitor

Make to order

Designing the very best
We manufacture on “make-to-order” system. Each product are designed based on your facility’s hygiene and other key factors.
The very best proposal
We propose the best inhibitor based on other massive data.

Technical service & aftercare

Testing the effect
We will test the microbe count of FGA microbe inhibitor used products.
We will propose a better inhibitor based on above testing results.
Checking the facility environment
We can visit your facility and check various areas’ microbe count and suggest to lessen the microbe through improving the hygiene.

Research facility

Clean benchUnderstanding how and when the microbes growth leads to developing better inhibitor.

CentrifugeUsed in order to extract the ingredient for further product development.

Electro microscopeTest the microbe growth for further product development.